Sioen Ballistics Oy designs and produces progressive solutions for customers’ needs to protect their personnel against bullets, fragments, edged weapons
and blast waves. The company motto is ” Life Saving Designs for Life threatening Situations”.

We make continuous efforts to reduce the environmental effects of our operations. We promote being environmentally friendly and taking care of the environment. We support environmental responsibility in the value chain by encouraging suppliers, customers and other partners to comply with international environment standards. We are committed to continuous improvement and lawfulness in environmental care and to the environmental consciousness of personnel.

We develop energy and material efficiency of our production processes continuously.

We take environmental aspects into consideration when evaluating risks of significant customer projects.

Our success is based on continuous product development. Producing of high quality,
durable, customized solutions saves resources, supports the reuse of products and
helps customers in environmentally responsible actions.
Taking care of environment is an integral part of sustainable development, and this can be seen in our strategy, processes and daily operations. We set targets for continuous improvement.